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Majaps Share Spotlight At IFA

BERLIN — Consumer electronics remained the centerpiece of this month’s IFA 2013 show here, but major appliances managed to share some of the limelight.

According to Christine Boersing, home appliance analyst for TWICE research partner Gap Intelligence, Korean powerhouses LG and Samsung dominated the white-goods ring, although premium European manufacturers Bosch and Miele also had a good showing.

Here are some highlights, as reported by Boersing:

Bosch: Three new colors were added to the brand’s SmartCool Color refrigerator lineup: Lime Green, Stone Grey and Espresso Brown. In laundry, Bosch introduced a new EdoLogixx heat pump to a line of its dryers that will reduce full-load dry times by 35 minutes.

Most notably, Bosch showcased its 13-model Silence Edition 2013, which includes four dishwashers, two refrigerators and one silent extractor hood.

LG: The company showcased a smart home system that utilizes nearfield communications (NFC) technology and a Smart- Access app to control a wide range of Wi-Fi-ready smart appliances. Touching an NFC-enabled smartphone against a tag-on symbol will allow users to perform product diagnoses, operate laundry start and stop functions, and download additional features and settings.

Miele: The manufacturer’s new 5000 series of integrated dishwashers boasts a Knock2Open selfopen feature that opens the unit with two taps on the door. Miele also introduced a two-phase TwinDos detergent system that provides one dispenser for basic laundry detergent and another for a booster detergent or fabric softener.

In laundry, Miele showed the T 8881 S EcoComfort solar-powered dryer. The unit is designed to be connected to a home’s central heating system, which in turn would be linked to a solar power source. The system is reportedly 80 percent more energy efficient than a conventional dryer.

Samsung: Sharing the spotlight with the company’s new 98-inch 4K TV was its Food ShowCase side-by-side refrigerator. Similar to LG’s door-in-door design, the ShowCase features a traditional external door and an inner glass barrier that seals off the main fridge compartment. The partitioned design prevents cold air loss while retrieving items from the door bins, and helps organize the refrigerator into cooking, family and kid zones.