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Majap Snapshot: LG’s Place Within The Home-Improvement Channel

SAN DIEGO – Lowe’s was late to the game with LG’s appliance line, which it first rolled out last January – eight years after Home Depot began carrying the brand.

According to market research firm Gap Intelligence, LG’s SKU counts have steadily increased at both chains through September, following Lowe’s initial ramp up and a corresponding expansion at Home Depot during the second quarter. But the latter still offers more than twice as many LG refrigerators, ranges and laundry pairs as Lowe’s, based on Gap’s sampling of stores in 17 major and midsize markets.

Despite the addition of LG, Gap home appliance analyst Christine Boersing said Frigidaire, Whirlpool and Samsung still dominate Lowe’s majap departments. In comparison, Home Depot maintains a sizeable Samsung selection, and added Frigidaire and Whirlpool to a limited number of stores last year.

Industry observers said the push by majap makers into the home-improvement channel is a hedge against uncertainty at Sears, the struggling but still ranking appliance chain.