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Maingear Releases Nomad 15 Gaming Laptop

New York — Custom computer creator Maingear recently added the Nomad 15 gaming computer to the market.

The Nomad 15 is available with several storage and memory options and is specifically geared toward games requiring the latest mobile hardware.

This 15-inch gaming laptop supports third-generation Intel quad-core processors up to 3.8GHz. It has a solid-state-drive caching option for the hard-disk-drive storage for faster boot-up.

Maingear said the laptop is cooled using a large, single omnidirectional fan and dual heat pipe and heat sink system, minimizing noise and increasing the efficiency over other designs that utilize two smaller blowers.

The Nomad 15 comes in a variety of colors and styles, and like its big brother, the Nomad 17, it is offered with hand-painted premium automotive paint jobs, free on most configurations. Gamers can select one of eight glossy colors that match their color palette or request a special color.

Pricing starts at $1,549 with the Intel Core i7 3740QM. It is available now.