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Magnavox Brand Flies Solo With 23 A/V Units

For the first time in five years, the Magnavox brand is going solo on a broad scale in the consumer audio/video category with the launch of 23 SKUs intended to position the name as a “premium value brand.”

The launch marks “the first full year of the Magnavox brand being marketed separately from the Philips brand,” said Andy Mintz, senior VP/GM of Magnavox Audio/Video.

In recent years, the Magnavox-only name has been limited to a handful of “special occasion” TV SKUs available only in limited quantities to select dealers, a spokeswoman added.

The new Magnavox products not only mark the first time that a full line of Maganvox-only A/V products have been marketed since 1997, but they return the Magnavox name to audio products for the first time in two years. At that time, audio products transitioned from Philips/Magnavox to the Philips brand.

Philips purchased Magnavox in 1974, then in 1997 launched the first Philips/Magnavox co-branded products as part of a plan to introduce the Philips name to the U.S. CE market. Over time, Philips launched Philips-only products, then shipped its last co-branded products — all TVs — during spring 2001.

The Magnavox strategy is designed to take advantage of continued unaided awareness by consumers of the Magnavox name, Mintz said. The products are targeted to 30- to 55-year-old consumers who want reliable, easy-to-use products.

Magnavox will focus on analog technologies and commodity value price points, including 13- to 36-inch direct-view analog TVs, VCRs, TV/VCRs, home-theater-in-a-box, entry-level DVDs, mini and microsystems, CD boomboxes, headphone CD and CD clock radios. Philips no longer sells TV/VCRs and VCRs, Mintz said.

The shelf systems will retail for $79 on average, while CD boomboxes and headphone CDs will sell for $39.

Magnavox is targeting national retailers and select regional retailers with and without assisted sales floors. The products, sold direct, will begin appearing in stores in April or May.

National advertising, POP and co-op aren’t planned for 2002, but that could change in 2003, Mintz said.