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Magellan Adds New Features To 7-Inch PND

Santa Clara, Calif. – A new portable navigation device (PND) from Magellan is the company’s first 7-inch PND with a host of new features.

The new device includes the ability to send prewritten text messages in response to calls coming in via a Bluetooth-connected cellphone. The new features include Bluetooth Safe Texting, Portrait Mode, Landmark Guidance, Traffic Camera Alerts, and Junction View, the company said.

The Magellan RoadMate 9250T-LMB GPS will be available in late September from and Best Buy at a suggested $229.

The PND is targeted to owners of large passenger vehicles and comes with heavy-duty extension mount for positioning the GPS on or below the dashboard or off a windshield.

The company also offers 7-inch PNDs targeted to truck and RV drivers, but those PNDS lack the new features.

Among the new features, Bluetooth Safe Texting lets drivers respond to a call with pre-written text messages via Bluetooth-equipped cellphone. Users select from five text messages, three of which are provided by Magellan. Two others can be customized by the consumer.

Portrait mode gives drivers the option of seeing expanded roadway details about what is ahead on the road, while the landscape option provides more details about the roadways around them. The latter is said to be more suitable for city driving.

Landmark Guidance tells drivers to turn at familiar landmarks such as gas stations, stores or other large, easily-seen places instead of only by street name. Traffic Camera Alerts warn drivers about upcoming red light and speed cameras on their route. Junction View displays a realistic image of the road ahead and highway signs and shows drivers the correct lane to use to merge or exit.

The PND is also compatible with Magellan’s $149-suggested Wireless Back-up Camera that allows drivers to see  what is behind their vehicle when in reverse. Other PND features include Lifetime Traffic Alerts and Lifetime Map Updates.