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Lytro Adds Camera Controls

Mountain View, Calif. – Light-field focusing camera maker Lytro will release a free software update enabling greater manual control over the camera for some settings.

Lytro manufactures a camera that uses light-field technology to eliminate the need to focus. Picture focus can be adjusted in software after the image is snapped, the company said.

The latest controls will enable photographers to choose the shutter speed and ISO settings of the pictures to be taken.

When manual controls are turned on in the settings menu, ISO can be adjusted from 80 to 3,200, and shutter speeds can be set from eight seconds to 1/250th of a second.

Lytro has also added the ability to turn on and off a neutral density filter if the image is too bright for the camera’s settings.

A new Exposure Lock option is also added and can be triggered by pressing and holding the selected exposure setting. To change the settings again required tapping on the screen.

“We introduced these features as a result of feedback from our most creative camera owners, who are capturing things like subjects in motion or experimenting with artistic styles like light painting,” stated Eric Cheng, Lytro photography director. “With manual controls, they now have more flexibility as they push the boundaries of the light field.”

The company also said it would be offering new accessories for its camera, including, including a sleeve ($29.95 suggested retail) and a camera case ($59.95), and has added a pair of new color options: Seaglass and Moxie Pink.

The start-up camera maker recently announced its expansion into photo and CE retail stores and e-commerce sites, including Amazon, Best Buy and Target.