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Luminus Gets 5 LED Patents

Woburn, Mass. — Luminus Devices, a developer of LED lighting arrays for projection and flat- panel TV systems, said it has received five new U.S. patents for its PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice Light Source) technology.

The company said the new patents give Luminus a total of 11 patents on PhlatLight LED technology.

Luminus said it has filed over 100 additional U.S. and international patent applications, many more of which are expected to issue in the near future.

Luminus Devices high-power LED technology is currently used in a variety of applications including projection TVs, LCD TVs, and other advanced high-definition displays and lighting systems.

The underlying photonic lattices used in PhlatLight technology direct the photons through the surface of the LED, emitting substantially more light and in a narrower, collimated beam that is more readily collected and delivered to its target, Luminus said. This, combined with Luminus’ advanced packaging technology, enables more powerful solid-state light sources than have ever been realized to date, setting PhlatLight apart as an entirely new category for LEDs. Luminus has also developed a cost-effective method of manufacturing PhlatLight LEDs in high volume.

Luminus said it has invested more than $10 million dollars in IP development extending to high-power LED chips, packaging and optical systems.

“There has been a rapid increase in the market’s adoption of our PhlatLight technology, which is enabling new classes of advanced high-definition displays and solid state lighting,” said Alexei Erchak, co-founder and chief technology officer for Luminus Devices. “We continue to improve and expand the use of PhlatLight, uncovering new opportunities where PhlatLight technology is well suited to address a specific design challenge. For example, we’ve found many high-brightness applications benefit greatly from replacing hundreds or even thousands of LEDs with a single PhlatLight LED.”

Luminus said shipments of PhlatLight chipsets, which are currently used in projection TVs offered by Samsung and NuVision, have significantly ramped up.

Luminus’ latest chipset, the PhlatLight PT120, is being mass produced for projection TVs with screen sizes as large as 61 inches, while its PT39 chipset is being used in LG Electronics’ HS101 pocket projector, which is said to be one of the brightest LED front projector in production.