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Lumagen Unveils RadianceXD Central Switching Hub

Lumagen is using International CES to introduce its RadianceXD video processor, specially designed to act as the central switching hub for large theater systems.

The RadianceXD, which is shipping in the first quarter at a $3,999 suggested retail, features inputs for 18 video and 18 audio sources, and includes a wide range of switching capabilities, including support for PIP/POP functions. Digital outputs include two HDMI supporting 1,080p/60Hz and two coaxial audio.

Video inputs include six HDMI with HDCP (supporting 1,080p/60Hz), four SD/HD component (supporting 1,080p/60Hz), four S-Video and four composite.

For video processing, the RadianceXD is said to be well suited to refine and enhance images for front projectors and high-performance rear-screen displays. It combines Lumagen’s switching, calibration and proprietary “No-ring” scaling technologies with de-interlacing and noise reduction.

The 10-bit processing system, includes per-pixel SD and HD video de-interlacing with enhanced adaptive diagonal filtering, edge enhancing scaling technology that does not introduce ringing, and MPEG mosquito and block artifact reduction. It also includes temporal noise reduction for both SD and HD sources.

The second HDMI output can be a copy of the first output, or it can be used as an audio-only output to send audio to receivers that do not support full 1,080p/60Hz high-definition over their HDMI inputs.

Lumagen said the RadianceXD will be the first in a new series of Radiance products.