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Lucidiom Buys Software Developer Trevoli

Vienna, Va. — In a bid to reach digital camera owners in their homes, kiosk maker Lucidiom purchased imaging software developer Trevoli.

Dallas-based Trevoli developed the Photo Finale software program, an omnibus imaging suite that, among other things, lets consumers upload prints from their desktops for pick up at retail. The program was sold in several versions directly on Trevoli’s Web site and through third-party e-tailers. A Lucidiom spokesperson said the company would keep the distribution model in place and will likely retain the Photo Finale brand.

The program was also available to photo retailers on an OEM basis, allowing them to distribute a re-branded version that let their consumers upload images back to the store for printing.

The Photo Finale software was already integrated with Lucidiom’s Automated Photo Machine kiosks thanks to a previous partnership and an overlap in customers, the spokesperson said. Both companies cater largely to independent photo specialty stores.

According to a statement released by Lucidiom, the company will continue to support Trevoli’s existing retail photofinishing partners and will integrate Trevoli personnel “into the Lucidiom team” though they will remain in Dallas.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed.