Luce Bows Integrated Flat-Panel HDTVs


S-Squared Technologies, based here, introduced what it is calling "the world's first integrated HDTV flat-panel TV lineup" under its Luce brand — including a 30W-inch LCD TV, and 42W-inch and 50W-inch plasma display panels.

The flat-panel sets incorporate both digital ATSC and analog NTSC tuners that enable a simple antenna connection to receive available over-the-air broadcasts. Digital set-top tuner decoder boxes are not required.

Meanwhile, Luce also launched what it calls "an advanced technology DLP projector," model LDLP-720HDS, which features Texas Instruments' HD2 chip with native 1,280 by 720 resolution.

The DLP unit adds an exclusive advanced horizontal and vertical electronic keystone correction system called "Side-Shot" for projection throws up to 45 degrees off-axis, horizontally, Luce said.

The new integrated LCTV-3000A offers 30W-inch screen with 1,280 by 768 (native 720p ready) resolution, and is said to have "a super high-speed response time LCD module" that eliminates visible lag and tearing. The panel is also said to offer a 160-degree viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically.

Flat-panel models include an internal scaler engine that can adapt any incoming signal to the panel's native pixel count. Models also feature contemporary European designs with brushed aluminum cabinetry.

The 42W-inch PDTV-420HDA plasma panel features 1,024 by 768 resolution and will ship in June at a $6,499.95 suggested retail price. The 50W-inch PDTV-500HDA version features 1,365 by 768 resolution and will ship in July at a $10,499.95 suggested retail price.

The DLP projector, model LDLP-720HD, will ship in July at a $9,999.95 suggested retail price.

Luce and Helios branded video displays and related products are distributed in the United States by S Squared (S2) Technologies, LLC. S-Squared currently produces multiple lines of flat-panel products. Both lines are comprised of digital and high definition compatible flat-panel LCD and plasma-display televisions.

S-Squared is also an original equipment manufacturer of LCD and plasma TVs and displays.

Luce and Helios products are sold only through a network of authorized fine home theater and custom electronics dealers and installers in the U.S. and abroad, as well as some very high-end boutique or retail outlets such as Neiman Marcus.


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