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LSI Unveils Multifunction DVD Recording Chips

LAS VEGAS — The Broadband Entertainment Division of LSI Logic, the Silicon Valley semiconductor manufacturer, is using CES to unveil a range of new chipsets designed to integrate a host of digital video entertainment functions into a one-chip DVD-recording solution.

A highlight of the chipmaker’s new components is expanded DVD recording and content-editing functions and a combination chip that brings DVD recording and hard-drive-based digital video recorder (DVR) functionality together.

Prior to the show, LSI announced a partnership with DVD-editing company YesDVD to bring editing tools to DVD recorders.

By combining the YesDVD intelligent software solution with the LSI Logic DiMeNsion 8602 (DMN-8602) DVD recorder system processor, the two companies will offer automatic conversion of home video from VHS, DV or other tape media to a YesDVD with the push of a button. The finished disc will include music videos, easy-to-navigate DVD menus and personalized DVD cover art.

The automatic chapter scenes function allows the LSI chip-enabled DVD recorder to automatically read incoming video and determine logical points to create chapter scenes.

Using a visual content index, scenes are indexed with the first image from each chapter on the on-screen viewing menu, to simplify finished disc navigation.An intelligent music video feature automatically selects the best scenes from the home video footage and synchronizes it to rock, jazz and classical tunes in music videos.

After the YesDVD disc is created, it can be removed from the DVD recorder and read in a personal computer. A supplied PC printing utility enables the user to print an index sheet of JPEG thumbnail images of each chapter on the DVD, which becomes a customized DVD case cover.

The DMN-8602 also offers an integrated NTSC/PAL TV encoder; integrated USB controller that allows for connectivity with digital still cameras, digital audio players and printers, digital video (DV) input Direct Digital Dub technology; playback of MPEG-4 video; and DoMiNoFX video-processing technologies.

LSI’s earlier DVD recording chip, the DMN-8600, has enabled manufacturers to cut pricing on entry DVD recorders to $299. But next year, the use of integrated chip solutions is expected to bring prices into the $160 range, LSI said.

Samsung will be among the first manufacturers to incorporate the DMN-8602 chip in a DVD recorder this year, according to LSI. Meanwhile, Lite-on announced plans to use the earlier DMN-8600 chip in DVD recorders this year, joining Apex, JVC and LG/Zenith.

Also being shown is the DMN-8652, which combines DVD recording with hard-drive-based digital video recording (DVR) features.