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LSI Logic Demonstrates Two Processors At Int’l CES

LSI Logic is showing the LSI Domino[X] media processor architecture and the ZEVIO 1020 processor during International CES at booth 15200.

The Domino[X] architecture is based on LSI Logic’s years in providing professional-grade video compression technology. The architecture has a multi-core media processor approach that is flexible and scalable enough to address high-performance professional codec solutions, as well as cost-sensitive consumer electronics products, the company said.

Benefits of the Domino[X] architecture include optimal balance between hardware and software, enabling new applications at right price points; robust software that preserves software investment and reduces product development risk and system-level costs; and encoding, decoding and transcoding of DV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 and VC-1 video compression standards; and associated audio standards for interoperability and backward compatibility between products.

The ZEVIO 1020 processor enables 3D graphics, 3D sound and mobile video for sub-$100 consumer electronics products.

With the new ZEVIO 1020 application processor and complete development support tools, manufacturers can quickly design cost-sensitive consumer electronics products that require low-power consumption, advanced graphics, and digital audio and video processing. The ZEVIO 1020 processor is highly optimized for electronic toys, navigation systems and other innovative consumer electronics products, the company said.

The ZEVIO 1020 solution is designed to achieve best-in-class cost performance with lowest power consumption by distributing the tasks among multiple processors running at optimal speeds. The ZEVIO 1020 processor is highly integrated and includes an ARM9 core for general purpose processing, a ZSP400 for multimedia processing (such as H.264 BP video decoding), a 3D graphics core and a 2D/3D MIDI sound core. It also integrates a video digital-to-analog converter for direct TV output and an secure digital input/output card slot for data storage or additional peripheral expansion, the firm said.

Pricing and shipment dates are available from the company during CES.