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Logitech Unveils 1st Guitar Hero Controller

Fremont, Calif. — Logitech today announced a wireless guitar controller for the PlayStation2 and PS3, the first product in its planned line of peripherals for the Guitar Hero video game.  

The Premiere edition wireless guitar controller features a wood neck, rosewood fingerboard and metal frets,

along with metal tuning peg handles, a one-piece contoured shape and a crimson body.

To minimize button noise, Logitech said the controller uses rubber dome technology on the fret board controls, which is the same material used in its keyboards. It also has what the company called a touch-sensitive neck slider, “so strumming is not always necessary to rack up the points,” the company said.

A range of up to 30 feet is provided using 2.4GHz wireless technology. It’s said to operate by plugging the USB receiver into the console; battery life is cited as “hundreds of hours.” The controller comes with a gig bag for a  $249 suggested retail.