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Logitech Intros Harmony Link

Fremont, Calif. – Logitech
has introduced Harmony Link, a device that when coupled with an app turns an
iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone into a universal remote control.

The Harmony Link,
which operates via Wi-Fi, is a puck-sized device designed to fit next to a TV. When
set up with the Harmony Link app, the two enable users to browse a personalized
schedule of their favorite shows, channels and genres while turning on the
correct devices needed for the activity.

For example, if
users select “Watch a movie,” the DVD player and TV will turn on, or whatever
combination of A/V equipment the user has predetermined. Up to eight devices
can be controlled. An IR mini-blaster accessory is included, so devices inside
closed furniture can be used.

It will be
available in October for a $99.99 suggested retail.

More than one
iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smartphone can be used at a time, Logitech
said, each customized with the user’s favorite channels.

The manufacturer
said it has teamed with Rovi to provide program information for the Harmony
Link app, including show synopses, movie overviews and images.