Logitech Disputes UEI Lawsuit


Fremont, Calif. - Logitech International released a statement on Monday disputing the merit of a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Universal Electronics (UEI) regarding remote control technology.

According to Logitech's statement, UEI filed suit on 17 patents against Logitech

last Friday


"Logitech originally entered into a license agreement with UEI in 2004 for certain UEI patents, to settle a lawsuit against Logitech Harmony remotes that was filed by UEI after the independent development of the Harmony remote technology," Logitech said. "Logitech declined to renew the license on the same terms because the patents originally subject to dispute had either expired or were licensed during the patent application stage and, after the patents were granted, were determined to be inapplicable to Logitech products."

Out of the 17 patents, four were never raised by UEI in the license-renewal discussion, Logitech said, and three of them are expired. "The remaining 10 patents in the lawsuit include some that Logitech has determined to be inapplicable to its products and some that Logitech licensed as patent applications but were determined to be inapplicable once the patents were granted. Prior to receiving the complaint, Logitech had already determined that it did not infringe on any valid claim of 10 of the 14 unexpired patents and quickly reached the same conclusion with respect to the four additional patents."

Ashish Arora, Logitech VP and general manager of the digital home business unit, said, "Logitech respects the intellectual property rights of others, and has a history of purchasing or licensing patents when needed. However, we are confident that Logitech does not need a license from UEI. We believe that UEI's lawsuit is without merit and we are confident that we will prevail in court."


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