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Logitech Bows Remote Using RF/IR

Logitech introduced at CEDIA Expo, held here earlier this month, the Harmony 890 Pro remote control that uses both radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) wireless signals to deliver complete control of multi-zone home-entertainment systems and advanced home-theater setups.

With the Harmony 890 Pro no line of sight is needed — the remote can control sophisticated home-entertainment systems with equipment in multiple rooms or hidden behind closed doors, Logitech said. For example, a user can stand in the kitchen and turn off a television in the den before switching on music from an audio receiver located in the living room, the company said.

The Harmony 890 Pro remote, available in mid-November at a suggested retail of $449, works as part of a modular system that may include any number of Harmony RF base stations — typically one for each room, or zone. With a wireless range of up to 100 feet, the Harmony 890 Pro remote sends RF commands to a base station, which then blasts infrared signals to any components in that zone, the company said.

An installer can create a system that involves multiple remotes and/or base stations to deliver complete control of many entertainment zones throughout the home, Logitech said.

The company’s online database features discrete codes and characteristics of more than 80,000 different device models from more than 2,500 different manufacturers, the company said. This online database of detailed information is updated daily with the latest devices.

As installers set up a Harmony 890 Pro for a client, they enter component or appliance model numbers using the online interface and the Harmony setup wizard matches the component with the appropriate infrared codes, the supplier said.

The Harmony RF Base Station will carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail of $149.99, and the Harmony USB wireless PC transceiver will be available for a suggested retail of $99.99.