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Logitech Adds To iPod Selection

Fremont, Calif. — Logitech expanded its selection of iPod/iPhone speaker systems with two new models that bring the company’s opening price points to a suggested $99 from $149.

Both models are designated as “Works With iPhone,” so the phone remains active and able to receive calls while docked and playing music. When a call comes in, the music automatically mutes.

The $99-suggested Pure-Fi Anytime iPod/iPhone clock radio features dual alarms, AM/FM tuner, IR remote, motion-sensing snooze feature, high-contrast display and recessed docking cavity to help prevent users from knocking over their iPod or iPhone. It comes with IR remote.

For transportable use, Logitech launched the $99-suggested Pure-Fi Express Plus, which plugs into a wall or runs on six AA batteries. The 4-inch by 10.5-inch by 4-inch 2×5-watt device features omnidirectional speakers to transmit sound throughout a room, and it functions as an alarm clock. An included IR remote can be stored in an integrated compartment in the Plus.

The speakers of neither device can be used for an iPhone’s speakerphone function.