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LiteOn Debuts Frame/Scanner Combo

Fremont, Calif. — LiteOn IT will ship its first digital photo frame with a built-in scanner to dealers this December.

The Memoir frame marks the debut of LiteOn’s new consumer brand Skyla.

The 8-inch Memoir incorporates a 4-inch by 6-inch scanner into the base of the unit. Scanned photos can be saved to the frame’s 1GB of internal memory or to removable memory. The scanner can produce a 600 dpi image.

The $219 frame features an 800 by 600 resolution screen (4:3 aspect), MP3, motion JPEG and MPEG-1/-4 playback, programmable on/off and a built-in light sensor that adjusts the panels brightness.

Additional features include automatic image rotation and a clock/calendar function.

Though its initial frame is designed to appeal to older users with shoeboxes teeming with prints, the Skyla lineup will mostly be targeted at a Gen-Y demographic that doesn’t have a “firm brand affiliation,” he added.