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Linksys Goes Back To School

Irvine, Calif. – Cisco’s Linksys brand is entering the back-to-school
selling season fray in earnest for the first time.

This week the company kicks off a promotion centered on its Valet
by Cisco routers. Unlike past years when the company simply offered a price
break to customers, this time Linksys will try and sell a complete story to
customers as to the benefits of wireless home networks for high school and
younger students.

The promotion features $10 and $20 off Valet routers. These will
be offered at various times through different retailers, the company said.

The pitch centers on parental control. The laptops being
purchased for the upcoming school year will allow children to use their new
computers in the privacy of their bedrooms and away from parental oversight for
the first time. So Linksys wants parents to know they can still control
Internet access and monitor their child’s activity via the Valet’s built-in
parental control software, the company said.

“This is the first time we really have a story to tell parents,”
said Karen Sohl, Cisco’s communications manager.

The company will explain the benefits of the Valet for
back-to-school customers through POP material and in-store demonstrations.

The theory is if parents are upgrading their home’s computer
capability they should also take their home network to the next level, she