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Linear Adds CD, MP3 Playback To Intercom Systems

Carlsbad, Calif. — Nortek subsidiary Linear unveiled an accessory that adds whole-house MP3 and CD playback through previously installed DMC1 and DMC3-4 music/communication intercom systems.

The in-wall DMCMP3 MP3 and CD player integrates with new or previously installed DMC music/communications systems, which use intercom speakers, door speakers and room stations to fill up to 15 rooms with audio. It also features AM/FM tuner, which was previously the only music option for the intercom systems.

The DMCMP3 connects to MP3 players and music-laden smartphones via a 3.5mm aux in. The DMCMP3 can also charge MP3 players and phones from its power-only USB-A port.

The device offers a five-button interface with a source select button and CD controls, which include play/pause, fast-forward, and rewind and track forward/reverse. The DMCMP3 features curved edges and minimalist appearance said to complement any room décor. Faceplate colors include almond, white and black

The DMCMP3 is positioned as “an ideal accessory for people who want to upgrade their existing intercom and security system to include audio playback from radio, CDs and digital music players,” said Duane Paulson, market and product development senior VP.