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Lindows Lowers Notebook Price Bar

San Diego – Lindows ( introduced a $799 notebook computer last week through two online retailers.

The Lindows Mobile PC is powered by a 933MHz VIA processor, features 256MB of RAM, has a 20GB hard drive, 12-inch screen, USB and FireWire ports and is Ethernet ready.

However, the 2.9-pound notebook lacks a modem and uses the Linux-based Lindows operating system instead of Microsoft Windows XP.

The Lindows OS was introduced through several Microtel PCs that were sold through Wal-Mart last September. These PCs were the first to sell at $199.

Lindows CEO Michael Robertson described the Lindows Mobile PC as falling between the heavier, more expensive models from the top-tier vendors and a PDA, which is less expensive, but not as capable of as a notebook.

The notebook is being sold through IdotPC ( and GearZoo ( .)