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Lincoln THX Systems To Get HD Radio, Neural Surround

Las Vegas – THX II Certified audio systems will be paired with HD Radio and DTS Neural Surround decoding in all Lincoln models in the 2011 model year, THX announced.
HD Radio will be available with Lincoln THX systems for the first time. DTS Neural Surround was available as part of a THX system in only one Lincoln model in the previous model year, THX said.
Neural decoders upmix two-channel music sources to 5.1 channels. In addition, Neural-encoded HD Radio, analog FM, and satellite radio broadcasts can be decoded by Neural decoders while maintaining compatibility with two-channel audio systems.
THX II is available across the Lincoln line in one of two versions: THX II Certified (Stereo) and THX II Certified 5.1 Surround, which features DVD-Audio and DVD movie playback. THX II systems are standard on the 2011 Lincoln MKS, Navigator and Navigator L, and they’re available with the Lincoln MKZ, MKX, and MKT, THX said.
Other features include satellite radio, Ford’s Sync connectivity and control system, and a 10GB music hard drive jukebox. DTS Neural is exclusive to THX systems in Lincolns, the company noted.
The THX system was designed by THX, going beyond the company’s traditional business model of certifying products that meet its reference standards, the company noted. Laurie Fincham, THX Chief Scientist, developed the system for Ford and incorporated THX’s Slot Speaker technology on the dashboard, a spokesman said. “Our work with Ford is the first time we’ve done system design for automotive,” the spokesman said.