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Lift-Tech Bows Self-Concealing Cabinet Top

Valencia, Calif. — Lift-Tech announced its first self-concealing cabinet top series of lifts for motorized flat-panel TVs.

Models LT-200-SCT and LT-200-S-SCT are offered in up/down or up/down/swivel designs.

“Lift-Tech’s self-concealing cabinet top presents an elegant solution to the dilemma of how to get the cabinet top out of view while preserving the swivel functionality of the motorized lift,” said Russ Fawkes, general manager, in a release. “On command, the cabinet top conceals itself within the cabinetry behind the plasma or LCD TV while the flat screen rises.

The self-concealing cabinet top and the lift system are electronically linked for one command, sequential operation, added Fawkes.

The lifts also include a separate motorization mechanism that utilizes an adjustable slip clutch as a safety feature to conceal and reveal the cabinet top.

For pricing information, call (661) 702-9055, or email [email protected].