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Libratone Moves To New Headquarters

Framingham, Mass. — Libratone, the Danish-based designer of wireless speakers, has moved their offices to the Saxonville Mill, here.

Saxonville is a historic mill village located in the north end of the town of Framingham in Middlesex County, Mass., which is now home to more than 70 tenants and businesses.

Libratone’s new American headquarters address is now 2 Central Street, Building #5C, Suite 201, here.

The move follows Libratone’s massive distribution network expansion, new visual brand identity revitalization, recent design and engineering award recognition, and developments in the product lineup, which have all led to significant growth in the Americas, the company said.

“This new office location and open space brings a slice of Scandinavia to Saxonville. It is a true representation of all that the team has achieved over the last few years. With the right space and infrastructure in place, we will continue to improve our speed, agility and overall support to our channel partners and customer base,” said Gregg Stein, CEO Libratone.

He continued, “As we reinvent speakers for the 21st century, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. This new space will be a catalyst to help us continue the success we have been so very fortunate to have achieved so far; and we are just getting warmed up.”