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Libratone Enters U.S. With AirPlay Speakers

Palo Alto – Libratone, a high-end
European audio brand, has begun offering its first two U.S. products.

The two are single-chassis AirPlay
speaker systems.

The 40-inch-wide Libratone Lounge
starts at $1,299, and the 18.5-inch wide Libratone Live starts at $699. Both are
three-way speaker systems that feature what the company calls a minimalistic

They are available in select
Apple stores, Apple’s online site, and boutique retailers, the company said.

The Libratone Lounge is available
in slate gray, blueberry black and vanilla beige at $1,299 but also in red and
green cashmere at $1,399. The Libratone Live is available in grey, black and
beige at $699 and in red and green cashmere at $799. The Live also features
chrome handle.

Both products were introduced at
the recent IFA show in Berlin.

Libratone, based in Copenhagen,
Denmark, focuses on combining wireless technology, hi-fi quality, and
Scandinavian design in single-chassis speakers for use with portable devices,
TVs and computers.

Features include ribbon-based
tweeters, DSP, 150-watt total amplification, and proprietary Full Room acoustic
technology to disperse sound waves in multiple directions, reflecting
them off walls, to eliminate the stereo sweet spot, the company said.

Each cabinet
features five drivers, each powered a dedicated digital amp and each designed
to direct sound in a specific direction.

The Live
features two 1-inch ribbon-based tweeters, two 3-inch midranges, and one 5-inch
bass driver. The Lounge features 8-inch inverted woofer, two 4-inch ceramic
midranges, and two 1-inch ribbon-based tweeters.

The Lounge’s
frequency response is 38Hz-20kHZ, and the smaller Live delivers 50Hz-20kHz.

Wired inputs
are a 3.5mm analog input and an optical digital input.

The speakers
are designed to reflect sound of back walls to deliver deeper base and a fuller
soundfield, but for corner placement, the company offers an iPhone/Touch app
that adjusts response to compensate.