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LG’s Paik Receives Broadcasting Honor

New York – LG Electronic’s chief
technology officer Dr. Woo Paik received this week a Giants of Broadcasting award
from national Library of American Broadcasting for his leadership in digital
television technology.

The national
Library of American Broadcasting honored Paik as the “Father of HDTV” at the Seventh
Annual Giants of Broadcasting Awards ceremony, here.

Charles Osgood,
host of “CBS Sunday Morning” and CBS Radio commentator, served as Master of
Ceremonies and introduced Paik, saying: “Digital compression is to 21st century
broadcasting as E=mc2 was to nuclear physics. It is the essential ingredient in
the digital revolution that has transformed the world’s television over the
last two decades. No one is more identified with that advancement – which first
made possible satellite television and then the conversion from analog to
digital broadcasting and HDTV – than Dr. Woo Paik ….

“The possessor of
some 25 patents in the digital realm, he has been called the Edison of
Electronics, and the Father of HDTV, designations that appear more apt every

Paik was
recognized for the invention of the digital video compression technology adopted
by the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance, and his leadership in the development of
DigiCipher, the digital compression technology that is the basis for digital TV

LG said Paik’s
contributions have helped established LG Electronics as a global technology
leader and innovator in digital TV standards, including the new ATSC Mobile DTV
broadcast standard, which is expected to be adopted later this month.

“For those of us
who were involved from the beginning, this is very gratifying,” Paik said in accepting
the award. “Today, television broadcasting is poised for the Next Big Thing –
mobile digital television. Over the past three years, I have had the privilege
of leading the team at LG Electronics and Zenith, which co-developed the core
technology behind the new ATSC Mobile DTV Standard.

“This innovative
technology makes it possible for TV stations to send a robust signal (right
along with the HDTV and multicast signals) to serve viewers on the go. Dozens
of TV stations are going on the air and consumers will soon be able to buy
portable DTV receivers, like personal DTVs, mobile phones and in-car TVs, for
these new signals.”

In addition to
Paik, 2009 Giants of Broadcasting honorees include Katie Couric, anchor and
managing editor of the “CBS Evening News”; Ken Burns, cocumentarian and
biographer; Barbara Cochran, veteran print and broadcast journalist and president
of the Radio & Television News Directors Association; Norman Pattiz, founder
and chairman, Westwood One; and Chris Rohrs, president, television bureau of advertising.

Posthumous honors
went to the late Bea Arthur, actress, and Edward McMahon, “Tonight Show” announcer
and “Star Search” host.

The Library also paid
special tributes to legendary broadcasting icons Walter Cronkite, Paul Harvey and
Don Hewitt.