LG Wins 2012 EPA Energy Star Award

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Washington -

LG Electronics

has been named 2012 Energy Star Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the company said Wednesday. 

LG is being recognized for its contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by manufacturing energy-efficient products and helping to educate consumers about those products.

LG Electronics said it increased its U.S. sales of products that earn the Energy Star label by nearly 30 percent in 2011. LG is scheduled to receive an award for the achievement in Washington D.C. on March 15, marking the 20th anniversary of the Energy Star program.

"As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Energy Star program, EPA is proud to recognize LG Electronics with the 2012 Energy Star Partner of the Year-Product Manufacturer Award," said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. "LG and all our Energy Star award winners truly demonstrate how the leadership and commitment from EPA's partners has made a difference in the lives of Americans since 1992 saving them billions of dollars in energy costs and improving the health of our families, the planet and our future."

LG's efforts in support of Energy Star included creative programs designed to change consumer behaviors, activities driving increased sales of qualified products, enhanced employee and sales training and technology leadership.

"LG enacted a company-wide effort to put environmental stewardship into the core of its business principles," said Wayne Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics USA. "We are dedicated to achieving Energy Star ratings on more products, further increasing sales of Energy Star products, continuing to expand sales training and employee engagement programs, and aggressively promoting the benefits of the Energy Star brand to consumers."

LG also conducted public education and community outreach campaigns, to help consumers make informed choices about their electronics and appliance purchases.  The company said the efforts helped generate billions of impressions through co-marketing and cooperative promotions to support the Energy Star message. 

Efforts included reaching millions of consumers with onsite Energy Star promotions in conjunction with LG's corporate partnership with the NCAA and community outreach programs like the multi-city LG-Good Housekeeping Greener Living Tour, which promoted Energy Star products and the "Change the World, Start with Energy Star" pledge.

Along with Keep America Beautiful and Waste Management, LG collected more than 10 million pounds of unused and unwanted electronics products for recycling in 2011.

LG also fully embraced the new, rigorous guidelines set by the Energy Star Most Efficient program, designed to advance energy efficiency by awarding the designation to the top 5 percent of products in specific categories. Fifteen LG home electronics and appliance products earned this coveted designation in 2011, more than any other manufacturer, LG said.

The 2012 Partner of the Year Awards are given to manufacturers and retailers that successfully promote and deliver Energy Star-qualified products, saving consumers money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

LG and other honorees were selected from about 20,000 organizations that participate in the Energy Star program. 


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