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LG Shrinks Wireless Charging

BARCELONA, SPAIN — LG Electronics introduced what it’s calling “the world’s smallest wireless charger,” the 2.7-inch WCP-300 charging pad.

The pad, using Qi technology, boasts 1.7 times the live charging area of LG’s previous-generation charger in a smaller footprint.

It is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones, including LG’s Spectrum 2 and Nexus 4 models.

“Wireless charging is the holy grail of smartphone user convenience,” said Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications. “With the WCP-300, LG was able to deliver portability with top-class charging capabilities in a device no larger than a typical beverage coaster.”

He added that LG believes that built-in support for upcoming smartphones will be the most critical development in making wireless charging the industry standard going forward.