LG Planning MP3 Portables

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LG Electronics will enter the MP3 portable market in April in Korea, but U.S. sales won't come until it can incorporate the copy-protection method developed by the music-industry-supported Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI), an LG spokesman in Korea told TWICE.

Pricing was unavailable at press time.

LG plans two players, both with worldwide digital FM tuners, without internal flash memory, but with two dedicated slots for SanDisk MultiMediaCards. Both portables will be bundled with 32MB cards, and two will deliver enough memory for about 60 minutes of music at a 128 Kbps datarate, said to yield near-CD-quality sound.

One will double as a voice recorder.

The spokesman also said LG is "looking for buyers in the U.S." but didn't offer details.


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