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LG Outlines Stepped-Up Cellphone Plans

New York – LG will rebuild its mobile-phone share in the U.S. by basing future marketing on product innovation and by “leveraging the brand as a whole,” senior marketing VP James Fishler told TWICE.

“We will lead with product,” Fishler said following an event that introduced the company’s first hybrid smartphone/tablet to product reviewers. He also said the company would “do some things we haven’t done in awhile,” including promotion in “a broad range of advertising vehicles” that he described as traditional and untraditional.

The strategies follow the consolidation last November of LG’s cellphone marketing with electronics and appliance marketing at LG’s North American corporate headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

As an example of leading with product, Fishler cited the availability yesterday of the $199 Android 4.0 Intuition in Verizon stores and in indirect-channel stores. It became available Sept. 6 in Verizon’s online store.

The Intuition, which features 5-inch 4:3 HD touchscreen, is the brand’s first phone with a stylus for writing and drawing on a screen, and it’s promoted as making it unnecessary for consumers to carry both a tablet and a smartphone with them.

LG will expand its selection of smartphone/tablet hybrids, or phablets, if consumers demand it, he added.

Fishler does not expect Intuition distribution to expand beyond Verizon in the U.S.

Last year, LG offered a full-fledged tablet, the G Slate, through T-Mobile but doesn’t plan to re-enter the tablet market anytime soon in the U.S. because of tough competition. But, he added, “it’s something we will keep a close eye on, and if we can innovate, we will do it.”