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LG Opens New Majap R&D Center


LG Electronics
USA has officially opened its
first U.S.-based R&D center for major

The $6.5 million, 30,770-squarefoot
facility, located here, will provide
“low-volume, high-precision product
testing and consumer research” using
state-of-the-art methodologies
and technologies, the company said,
and can test hundreds of models annually
before entering production.

Y. H. Lee, president/CEO of the
LG Home Appliance Co., described
the center as “a platform for LG to
help assure [our] appliances meet
or exceed industry standards, to explore
new technologies and, most
importantly, to drive innovation for
next-generation products.”

The facility’s first floor houses
state-of-the-art testing equipment
for refrigerators, washers, dryers,
ovens, ranges, cooktops, microwave
ovens, dishwashers and vacuum
cleaners, including a climate-controlled
chamber specifically designed
for refrigerators and freezers.
Tests and equipment are consistent
with procedures and guidelines set
by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), UL
Environment (ULE), the Association
of Home Appliance Manufacturers
(AHAM) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), LG said.

The first floor also features a “consumer
insights lab” with a residential
kitchen, laundry room, living room spaces
and a field focus group discussion
area, where consumers can use LG appliances
and share their experiences.

The second floor houses a video studio
and residential kitchen where video
content is created for consumers and
service technicians. Videos will include
product and cooking demonstrations
and lifestyle hints conducted by LG
home economists and customer support
technicians. The professionally
produced video series will be available
on LG’s website in the coming weeks.

“Providing the greatest benefit and
value to our customers is a key aspect
of our new R&D center,” said Heejin
Lee, senior director of the R&D center.
“By utilizing our advanced resources
efficiently, we strive to develop
the best products that meet the
highest expectations, specific to our
U.S. customers.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony attended
by Wayne Park, president/CEO of LG
Electronics USA, was held last month.