LG Launches $20M Majap Campaign


Englewood Cliffs, N.J. — LG Electronics is kicking off an integrated marketing campaign tonight designed to spur consumers to upgrade their aging major appliances.

The company will spend $20 million during the initial two-month phase of the effort, which will include TV and print ads as well as viral and event marketing and related online, public relations and other marketing communications programs.

LG is employing a series of humorous consumer fantasies in its Upgrade majap campaign.

The campaign, dubbed Upgrade, is expected to extend throughout the fourth quarter and into 2008.

“This campaign engages consumers by focusing on a unique transition in the marketplace; the desire to upgrade appliances, rather than waiting until they stop working to replace them,” said John Weinstock, LG’s digital appliance marketing VP. “LG’s products stand for stylish design and innovative features that provide real benefits. These are the motivating forces for consumers who upgrade their appliances proactively.”

The campaign was sparked by extensive research showing consumers do not like being limited to the appliances that came with their homes, even if they still work.

LG and its agency, Young & Rubicam’s BrandBuzz, are tapping into that sentiment by presenting humorous fantasies showing how far people are willing go to upgrade their white goods to new LG products – including tying an old refrigerator to railroad tracks and shoving an older washing machine off a diving board.

The campaign will kick off tonight with a spot that will run during ABC-TV’s “Dancing with the Stars.”


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