LG Kicks Of Cinema 3D Ad Campaign

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Englewood Cliffs, N.J. -

LG Electronics USA

kicked off a national advertising campaign Thursday, called "Only LG," which is aimed at generating excitement for its Cinema 3D TVs by telling the story through the consumers' eyes.

"Some things simply cannot be explained, like the experience of breathtaking movies, thrilling sports and epic gameplay of the latest game title on LG's Cinema 3D TVs," said James Fishler, senior VP, marketing, LG Electronics USA. "3D needs to be experienced first-hand, just like taking a roller coaster ride into a new dimension. When you see the action on an LG Cinema 3D TV, you'll instantly get it. However, you won't get it (3D), unless you experience it."

The digital and print campaign features online videos and advertisements showing how 3D can bring content to life for a more immersive entertainment experience.

LG declined to say how the multi-million-dollar campaign which launched Thursday with an ad in USA Today, compared in size to efforts taken last year.

Ads using the theme will be placed against gaming, sports and lifestyle websites, including GQ, Hulu, MLB.com, Wired and CBSSports.com, as well as in select print outlets, such as USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest and Entertainment Weekly.

The ads are key elements in LG's program to help retailers drive traffic into stores, said Jay Vandenbree, LG Electronics home theater sales and marketing senior VP.

"We think it's a logical extension of what we have been doing all year," Vandenbree told TWICE.

The effort will employ a baseball-themed print ad and 3D-gaming focused ads playing up the immersive and convenient experience of LG's 3DTV technology, LG's Magic Remote control system and its nearly frameless cosmetic design of the 2012 LG sets.

LG said that so far this year, it has increased its Cinema 3D LCD sales by more than 300 percent over last year, after adding seven more series of LED-backlit LCD HDTVs for a total of 25 models. 


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