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LG Intros Flicker Free 3D PC Monitors

Seoul – LG Electronics
has announced two 3D PC monitors that use passive glasses and have a largely
flicker-free picture.

The company said the
Cinema 3D D41P and D42P use LG’s Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D technology to
deliver a mostly flicker-free image. Image flickering is considered to be a
major source of viewer dizziness.

The models will ship into
the U.S. market in June. Pricing has not been announced.

 “With Cinema 3D Monitors,
we’ve addressed all these concerns. The advanced picture quality, more comfortable
glasses and competitive pricing makes it very hard to keep put-ting off 3D,”
said Si-hwan Park, monitor division VP of LG Home Entertainment.

FPR technology also reduces eye strain by delivering a clearer,
brighter 3D image and the passive glasses are lighter enabling viewers to wear
them comfortably for longer periods of time.