LG, Intel Team On WiDi-Enabled TVs

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Seoul, South Korea -

LG Electronics

(LG) said Thursday it has entered a strategic alliance with Intel to use the chip-makers' wireless digital video over Wi-Fi (called WiDi) technology in next year's Cinema 3D Smart TVs.

The agreement makes LG's TVs the first to feature the

WiDi system

, LG said.

WiDi was developed by Intel to stream video content from an Intel-based laptop, notebook or other external mobile device to a TV, projector or display monitor. Currently, the system requires a receiver box or dongle be connected to a TV's video input, but the agreement would enable the system to be built into LG's Cinema 3D sets.

The WiDi system uses point-to-point connectivity and features a wireless interface for instant viewing of content on the wirelessly connected display.

"Through this strategic alliance, Cinema3D Smart TV users will be able to access a wider variety of content in a more convenient manner," said Seog-ho Ro, LG Home Entertainment TV Business Unit senior VP. "Intel WiDi will be one of several features that will enhance the user convenience of our Cinema 3D Smart TVs, further differentiating our products from the competition."

"Intel is planning to expand Intel WiDi technology to various devices to provide consumers the seamless, smarter usage experience," said Hee-Sung Lee, Intel Korea country manager. "Through this collaboration with LG Electronics, LG Cinema 3D Smart TV users could also benefit from Intel WiDi without the need to purchase an ex-ternal adapter."

The system also allows the streaming of online content - such as YouTube videos and streaming TV shows from broadcast websites - that are accessible through notebooks and other mobile devices, LG said.

The system does not require the presence of an active wireless internet or WiFi connection to transfer content between external mobile devices and Cinema 3D Smart TVs.

Intel WiDi does not tie down the mobile device during real-time content sharing, LG said. Users may perform other tasks on their notebooks and tablet PCs while simultaneously streaming content to a Cinema 3D Smart TV, projector or monitor.

LG and Intel plan to launch co-marketing activities to support the Cinema 3D feature, including demonstrations planned for next month's International CES in Las Vegas.


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