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LG Google TVs Get 4.2.2 Update

San Francisco — LG Electronics (LG) said at the Google I/O developers conference Wednesday that its Google TVs will be updated with the latest version of the Android 4.2.2 operating system.

Available in the third quarter, the update will open the platform to more applications, including games that provide a greater level of interactivity and advanced graphics, the company said.

LG is showcasing its Google TV with the new operating system here this week.

In addition to boosting overall performance, the latest update supports the Android-based Native Development Kit (NDK), so Google TV owners can have a wider, more diverse selection of apps to choose from.

Smartphone apps designed using the NDK will run on Google TV with little to no modifications, LG said.

With NDK compatibility, the TVs will play more games on a bigger screen. LG said the improved compatibility makes it easier for developers to enter the smart-TV app market.

“LG’s Google TV with the latest Jelly Bean operating system and NDK support will deliver an enhanced user experience and access to more great apps,” said Havis Kwon, LG Home Entertainment president and CEO. “In addition to enabling users to enjoy advanced Android apps, the latest OS will also provide developers with new opportunities in the smart-TV arena.”

Users will also benefit from LG’s remote control options, which make it easier to interact with the new content.

In addition to the intuitive functionality of its Magic Remote QWERTY, LG will introduce a free remote control app that can turn any Android smartphone or tablet into a two-handed, touch-sensitive game controller.

LG’s new controller app will operate a large number of interactive games set to arrive on the upgraded Google TV platform, according to LG. The controller app is said to provide a level of control necessary to play more complex games, such as football and racing simulations.

The latest update will also include LG’s proprietary 3D Game Changer that adds a new dimension to interactive games. LG said 3D Game Changer produces a fully immersive effect by displaying 2D games in enhanced 3D mode, producing an effect previously available only in movies filmed with 3D equipment.

LG said Android 4.2.2 will be available as an over-the-air (OTA) download for existing LG Google TVs in the United States starting in the third quarter.

LG Google TV will be available for the first time outside the United States when it is introduced in the Korean market later this year.