LG Develops Lower Power LCD Panel

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Seoul, Korea -

LG Display

said Saturday that it has developed a 47-inch 1080p LCD TV panel that consumes less electricity than other over 40-inch TVs or even PC monitors measuring more than 20 inches.

The company said the Full HD LCD panel uses a new vertical single-side LED backlight technology that can achieve maximum brightness levels with a low power draw.

The new panel is said to "achieve the world's lowest power consumption rate among large LCD panels by dramatically reducing the number of LED lamps used while maintaining a high level of brightness."

LG said it managed to reduce the number of required LED bulbs by developing a new form of backlight technology in which LED lamps are attached vertically to a single side of the panel.

The 47-inch LCD panel is said to use 28 watts, which is less than the power consumption of most 20-inch PC monitors that typical draw between 30~50 watts.

The LCD panel also delivers 400 Nits of brightness suitable for HDTVs using a three-film structure that helps focus and diffuse light, together with Local Dimming Technology and energy efficient LED bulbs.

The LCD panel is said to produce strong Full HD picture quality and has an ultra-slim panel design accented with an 8.5mm bezel.

"Together with our business partners, LG Display has developed this LCD technology to continue our commitment to improving energy efficiency with environmentally friendly solutions," stated Shin Ho Kang, LG Display LED Development Dept. VP. "We will continue to invest in developing more energy efficient technologies that can bring greater value to both the market and the environment."


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