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LG To Carry Active And Passive 3D TVs


LG Electronics is making one of
the boldest 3D TVstatements of any company at the
2011 International CES 2011 by introducing flat-panel
3DTVs from two technology approaches — those using
active-shutter glasses and those using a polarized
“passive” glasses system.

In all, LG will offer 11 series of 3D-capable sets at
booth 8205 during CES, and will introduce Cinema
3D (passive glasses) sets in three series of LCD TVs,
and will call the active-shutter 3D technology in remaining
3D models, Dynamic 3D.

LG is positioning its Cinema 3D models as a stepup
technology to active shutter Dynamic 3D, and has
elected to promote the capability as a feature of an
HDTV set rather than a new TV system, said Jay Vandenbree,
LG Electronics U.S. home entertainment
business unit head.

The 2011 LCD TV line begins with a range of budget-
series models designed for what LG calls “the basic
TV watcher.”

The assortment opens with a CCFL backlit models
with 720p resolution.

The step-up 450 series includes the 32- and 37-
inch screen sizes with FullHD 1080p resolution, all including
a suite of core feature technologies including
Clear Voice sound enhancement and Picture Wizard

LG has moved its smaller screen size products to
LED edge lighting this year in the thin-cabinet 2500
series. These models offer 720p resolution and include
the 22-, 26- and 32-inch screen sizes.

The 3500 series steps to FullHD 1080p models
with LED edge lighting, and core feature sets, in the
32-, 37- and 42-inch screen sizes.

The 530 and 550 series are CCFL backlit sets that
add different design styles, and LG’s new Smart TV
platform, which provides access to streaming video
services and other partners plus access to the new
LG apps store.

The apps store will feature more than 200 apps at
launch providing a range of entertainment options. All
of LG’s connected LCD sets this year include a Wi-Fi
dongle in the box to simplify linking to Wi-Fi networks.

The 3700 series offers LED backlight, 1080p/60Hz
resolution, and the LG Smart TV platform with apps
store access. The 5400 and 5500 series add a special
Smart TV remote to the package.

The LW5600 series is LG’s first Cinema 3D technology
models using less-expensive polarized glasses
and LED edge lighting.

The passive technology allows the use of 120Hz
frame rates instead of the 240Hz required by activeshutter
Dynamic 3D models, the company explained.

The LW5600 and LW5700 Cinema 3D series models
feature 1080p/120Hz panels and the Smart TV platform,
and include the 42-, 47- and 55-inch screen sizes.

The LW6500 Cinema 3D series offers 1080p resolution
and 240Hz frame rate technology. Screen sizes
include 47-, 55- and 65 inches.

LG steps from there into the Nano Technology models
with full array LED backlighting, and active-shutter
Dynamic 3D technology. This year’s glasses switch
from IR to RF linking to avoid dropouts.

The LW7700 features 1080p resolution and 240Hz
frame rates, and Dynamic 3D. The top-of-the-line LW9500
steps to 480Hz and a new premium design style.

In plasma TV, LG will introduce Energy Star compliance
in 10 SKUs across five model series, up from 8
non-Energy Star SKUs in 2010.LG is also planning to
add “a special” 72-inch model using full-array IOL LED
backlighting technology.

All 3D plasma models will use LG’s Dynamic 3D
technology, because plasma’s brightness level was
too dark for passive glasses.

The NetCast IPTV platform from 2010 has been
expanded to more PDP models this year, while only the
top-end plasma series will include the new Smart TV
platform with Apps capability, Tim Alessi, LG product
marketing director, said.

At the entry end, LG will carry two 2D 720p plasma
models in 2011 in the 42- and 50-inch screen sizes as
part of the PK450 series, which like all PDP models,
adds slimmer bezel designs than a year ago.

Alessi said 720p models represented about 65 percent
of all PDP sales in 2010.

The line steps up to LG’s first two 720p 3D-capable
plasma sets in the 42-inch 42PW350 and the 50-inch
50PW350. Both use Dynamic 3D technology and offer
a more affordable entry price to 3D adoption than a
year ago, Alessi said.

The PZ450 series offers basic FullHD 1080p and
PZ550 series steps to basic FullHD with 3D capability
and the NetCast IPTV platform. The PZ750 will include
the Infinia design styling, 1080p 3D capability,
NetCast IP functionality and THX certification.

The top-of-the-line PZ950 series adds most of the
same features as the PZ750 models plus LG’s new
Smart TV platform with access to its apps store.