LG Brings Expanded Majaps Lines To Show



LG Electronics, which has intermittently shown appliances in the past at International CES, is dedicating “a significant area” to smart- and energyefficient white goods with remote diagnostic features in its Central Hall exhibit space at booth 8205.

On hand are an array of new product introductions in cooking, refrigeration and laundry, LG’s public affairs and communications VP John Taylor told TWICE, which are integrated into demonstrations of smart-grid technology and energy-management solutions that allow consumers to monitor their power consumption via TV or mobile phone.

Laundry products on display include the company’s front-load SteamWasher, which uses six separate cleaning motions, and the top-load Wave-series washer that uses rapid drum movement and powerful water jets for superior performance without an agitator.

Both incorporate LG’s SmartDiagnosis troubleshooting feature, also shared with Sears’ Kenmore line, which allows the machines to “talk” to customer service experts over the phone using a series of diagnostic tones. Consumers calling the LG customer service center are instructed to press select buttons on the laundry unit, which in turn trigger a series of sounds. Each tone corresponds with a specific potential maintenance need that can be identified over the phone – helping to limit costly, inconvenient service calls.

In cooking, LG is showing its new double-oven range with a total capacity of 6.7 cubic feet. Two separate ovens – including a 6-inch-tall upper oven – allow consumers to cook different dishes at different temperatures. The model also features an infrared heating element that enables the oven to reach broil temperature more quickly and reduces cooking time by 30 percent for popular items like hamburgers and chicken breasts.

In refrigeration, LG is introducing the four-door ultra-capacity LMX28994, whose top freezer drawer can be used as extra refrigerator space if needed. The Converta drawer can operate at various temperatures, including a Soft Freeze setting to safely thaw meat and poultry, providing consumers extra flexibility.

The unit can accommodate 53 gallons of milk thanks to the Converta drawer and the in-door (vs. top shelf) placement of the icemaker. In addition, the fridge features a linear compressor that can vary output depending on need to reduce temperature swings and achieve an energy efficiency rating that is 20 percent above the minimum federal standard.


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