LG Brings Cinema 3D To The Stars


Santa Monica, Calif. - LG Electronics used Oscar weekend to send movie lovers the message that its Cinema 3D LCD TVs will give viewers a more cinema-like 3D experience in the home.

In the past two weeks, LG has taken that message to both the fashion industry and Hollywood as it prepares to deliver the first sets to retail shelves. Its passive-glasses single-lens 3D LCoS projector was used to

present fashion designer Marc Bouwer's 2011 fall collection

in New York two weeks ago, and then the manufacturer sponsored the Film Independent Spirit Awards after-party Saturday night.

Every year, Film Independent gives awards for independent films, with a wide range of budgets from paper thin to big enough for 3D production.

The bash drew a gaggle of movie stars, including Jason Ritter, Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank, who were joined by industry producers, writers and even a handful of CE retailers (guests of LG), all of whom had an opportunity to hear about LG's forthcoming Cinema 3D passive-glasses 3DTVs.

Tim Alessi, LG home electronics product development director, attempted to give the chatty crowd a brief education on the benefits of passive-glasses technology, including the absence of image cross-talk that sometimes appears in active-shutter technologies, and greater comfort to the glasses wearer.

Although LG continues to offer 3DTVs with active-glasses technology in both high-end LCD TVs and plasma sets, its messaging at the FISA event was laser-focused on the passive-glasses technology. LG will be one of the biggest set makers to introduce the capability this year.

"It's a better experience overall. More like you get in the cinema," said James Fishler, LG go-to-market operations senior VP. "What's great about Cinema 3D is that they are inexpensive glasses. You can use them from the theater and get a bunch of them for your friends to use. We will also be able to demonstrate Cinema 3D to a wider audience without having some of issues of active shutter glasses -- like charging the batteries."

LG is reserving active-shutter glasses for its top-performing models and plasma sets, where the picture quality is better optimized to the technology and purchasers are less troubled by the added expense of the glasses.


During the event, Wayne Park, LG Electronics U.S. president, told TWICE the company is expecting a "very tough year" ahead for the CE industry, and Cinema 3D presents a big opportunity for LG to better its competitors.

"We think we can take advantage of -- at least in 3DTV -- the leadership position for the whole industry," Park said. "With our distinguishing 3D technology, we can bring a much more affordable and enjoyable experience to the consumer, so that our 3DTVs can leap ahead of the industry."

Park said he believes passive-glasses technologies will ultimately win out over active-shutter systems due to the many benefits that resonate with consumers.

"We are working with most of the major retail partners that we have on the launch of Cinema 3D, and we will be taking advantage of our NCAA March Madness Promotion," Park said.


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