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LG Adds Three ‘Door-In-Door’ Fridges

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. – LG Electronics has expanded its “door-in-door” French door refrigerator line with three new models that respectively offer extra capacity, double freezer drawers and dual ice makers.

The door-in-door design, first launched on LG’s flagship French door fridge, consists of a compartment within the right-side refrigerator door that can be used to hold more frequently accessed contents like beverages and condiments. The compartment features a magnetically sealed door bin that provides easy access without having to open the entire refrigerator, thereby maintaining steadier temperatures. The compartment is accessed by pushing a button on the refrigerator door handle that releases the magnetic seal.

The models include the mega-capacity LFX32945ST, which provides 32 cubic feet of storage space while still conforming to the standard 36- inch kitchen width. The unit also features a three-tier organization system within the freezer and a four-compartment crisper.

The LMX30995ST splits the freezer compartment into two horizontal sections, the top for frequently used items and the larger, bottom segment for bigger items and longer-term storage. Both are effortlessly accessed via a “smart pull” handle.

The dual ice makers appear in the LFX29945ST. The ice makers are built into the freezer compartment, and the ice is dispensed from the left-side refrigerator door. The ice system itself is built into the door to help free up storage space.

All three models feature linear compressors for steady temperatures, bright LED lighting, and “smart” diagnosis, which allows over-the-phone troubleshooting.

“Since its introduction, the door-in-door design has become incredibly popular among busy families from coast to coast,” said David VanderWaal, LG’s home appliance brand marketing director. “Expanding the lineup means more families have access to this innovative convenience feature, whether their main need is more space, additional freezer organization or a larger ice supply.”

Shipping began this quarter with suggested retails of $3,200 for the dual icemaker model and $3,700 for its two sister fridges.