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LG Adds A ‘Techorator’

Englewood Cliffs, N.J. — LG Electronics has tapped celebrity interior designer Doug Wilson, a star of the TLC home improvement series “Trading Spaces,” as its new national spokesman on home “techorating.”

Wilson will work with LG in a public-relations-driven integrated marketing campaign designed to offer consumers tips and ideas on how to “techorate” their homes by melding consumer electronics products with interior design.

The goal is to have Wilson contribute bylined articles to shelter publications and Web sites, and to appear on television and radio programs offering advice on adding flat-panel TVs and related products to work with the style of a room.

LG said it coined the term “techorate” to refer to the integration of technology into the overall decorative theme of a home.

Wilson is one of the original decorators selected to star on cable-channel TLC’s hit show “Trading Spaces.” Over the years, the sometimes whacky designer has both dazzled and shocked home owners selected to get a room makeover with his creations. The show forces designers to work within the constraints of a very narrow budget using the unskilled labor of one of the owner’s neighbors.

LG said its consumer research found that nearly half of Americans (47 percent) find understanding the functions and features of new television models to be challenging, and some 70 percent don’t know how to make the pieces fit into their home’s décor after unwrapping them.

Wilson will highlight common issues consumers have when purchasing home electronics — such as how to blend electronics and design to reflect their personal style, selecting the right size television for a room’s space, and how to choose between plasma and LCD, in addition to offering helpful guidelines for techorating.

“Doug Wilson is known for his ability to revitalize all types of spaces, large and small, old and new,” said Tim Alessi, LG Electronics product development director. “His broad experience makes him the ideal LG techorator for consumers looking to incorporate modern technology into a variety of room designs. We value his ability to provide actionable and understandable techorating advice to consumers as they look to bring more technology into the home.”

 “The television has become the hearth of the 21st century, but I’ve seen people struggle with the basics, from choosing the right type and size television to its optimal placement for their viewing in the space,” Wilson said. “I’m excited to help consumers be successful integrating electronics into the design of their interior space, and to empower consumers to make the right decisions before, during and after the techorating process.”