LG Adds New Dimension To Jane's Addiction

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New York - LG Electronics' mobile division put a new spin on the 3D revolution here Monday when it sponsored the world's first 3D user-generated concert, showcasing Los Angeles super group Jane's Addiction via YouTube, as a promotion for its new LG Thrill 4G smartphone.


The concert took place at West Side club Terminal 5, where the band, with LG's help, recruited fans to use the Thrill 4G phone to document the show.

The group collected the 3D footage shot with the phones to assemble a 60-minute documentary that is scheduled to be presented on LG Thrill's 3D channel on Aug. 4.

The band, which has gone through a seemingly endless succession of breakups and reunions over the past two decades, is releasing its first album in eight years. "The Great Escape Artist" is scheduled for release on Sept. 26 and will include the single "Irresistible Force."

To play up the album's hardcore theme, the concert featured several women dressed in bondage paraphernalia, posing on stage and swinging from ropes above the performers.

Meanwhile, the LG Thrill 4G, priced at $99 with service contract, is an AT&T-branded LG Optimus 3D with a glasses-free touchscreen. THe phone is scheduled to go on sale later this summer.

Among its many features, the LG Thrill 4G enables recording 3D photos and videos with 5-megapixel dual cameras. It includes video-stabilization technology that will correct any shaking during recording.

Key features include a 1GHz dual-core, dual-channel RAM processor; 16GB of memory (8GB onboard plus an 8GB MicroSD card); and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

For 3D game play, the phone comes with "Let's Golf 2" and "Nova," from the Gameloft 3D store, as well as YouTube 3D and 3D movies from mSpot.



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