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LG To Add 3doo Service To Cinema 3DTVs

New York – Global 3D content provider 3doo said Tuesday that LG Electronics will be pre-installing an app to its platform in its newest line of LG Cinema 3D televisions starting in Germany and rolling out to the rest of the world in December.

LG will also pre-install the 3doo platform on the Premium App section of its Cinema 3DTVs.

LG’s decision to launch 3doo on its newest 3D televisions to deliver high-quality 3D content to millions more television viewers is yet another significant step forward in our company’s growth model,” said Michael Stougiannos, 3doo CEO. “With the push of just one button, 3doo will quickly and easily connect millions of LG television consumers, first in Germany and soon around the world, to ever-expanding and eye-popping 3-D content.”

“With our industry-leading Cinema 3D smart-TV lineup, LG has set standards with regards to 3D user experience, smart-TV navigation and content availability,” said Caroline Funk, LG Electronics Germany smart TV head. “By pre-installing the 3doo platform in the Premium App section of our latest TVs, we enable our customers to experience a truly amazing 3D marketplace leveraging all advantages of our award-winning 3D technology.”

LG’s action follows a similar relationship earlier this year between 3doo and Panasonic, which installed the platform on 2012 Viera 3D televisions in the United States, Europe and Canada.

Panasonic’s 3DTVs with 3doo have since been expanded to include major Asian and Middle Eastern consumer markets, such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as major Latin American markets, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Panama.

3doo delivers a growing library of free 3D videos and will shortly also include 3D Live events and paid on-demand 3D content.

The 3doo platform brings together content providers, electronic manufacturers, movie studios, television stations and advertisers and connects them with 3D end users around the world.

3doo said it targets all owners of 3D smart TVs, 3D smartphones, tablets and mobile devices of all relevant brands worldwide. 

The service said it will reach out to a potential customer base of 67 million 3DTV units worldwide in 2012 and more than 350 million by 2015, based on recent Display Search data.

3doo is currently in negotiations with other global television and mobile device manufacturers as well as established content providers, the company said.

3doo is working to introduce 3D commercials directly into user living rooms worldwide.

3doo is also creating the digital space for My3doo 3D social networking, to allow users to share their content and social networking activities in 3D worldwide.

A beta version of My3doo is currently available to Panasonic’s Viera television consumers.