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Lexar Launches Renewed Support For Retailers

New York — Lexar is rolling out efforts designed to equip the “small guy” retailer with the tools needed to optimize the sale of its flash memory products.

“Our camera retailers feel forgotten,” said Jeff Cable, marketing programs and partnerships director, in a recent meeting with TWICE.

As part of the effort to show smaller retailers that their business is important to Lexar, the company has launched a “Partner and Authorized Reseller Portal” Web site. Found at, the site features online training, data and setup sheets, and a quarterly e-newsletter. Those who participate in the online training will receive a camera strap, Corel Paintshop Pro X and a mini FM radio.

Authorized resellers also have the opportunity to participate in the Lexar’s MAP policy program, in which the retailers and distributors both sign documents agreeing to sell memory cards at a certain price. A third-party company monitors the Internet for Lexar, and they are warned if the policy is broken. The idea behind the program is to give retailers a chance to make a margin, said Robert Roney, Lexar’s North American sales VP.

The company is also offering camera mounts, display racks, a welcome kit with data sheets and a printed version of the quarterly newsletter, and customized training as part of its tools for retailers.

Lexar, which recently merged with Micron Technology, hopes to demonstrate to consumers that there is more to their products than just speed and memory. Instead it wants to impress the key messages of quality and reliability, touting that all of its cards are tested 27 times.