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Lenovo Announces Reorg

New York – Lenovo today announced a corporate-wide reorganization that divides the company into four groups: PC business, mobile business, enterprise, and ecosystem and Cloud services.

The new format replaces the company’s current structure that has it divided into two elements, Lenovo business and Think business.

The PC business group will be led by Gianfranco Lanci, who now heads Lenovo EMEA. This group will contain the Lenovo and Think compute brands and focus on the company’s core PC business.

The mobile group will be responsible for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. It will be led by Liu Jun, who now heads Lenovo’s business group.

The enterprise group will include servers and storage, while the ecosystem and Cloud services group will work to develop that business in China.

This reorganization does not impact the company’s geographic sales areas.

Lenovo also announced that Peter Hortensius is the new research/technology and chief technology officer. Previously, he headed the former business group.

Hortensius replaces George He, who will head the ecosystem and Cloud services group.

Other promotions include Lanci being named executive VP and COO. Jun and Gerry Smith, who will head the enterprise group, were each promoted to executive VP.