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Lenovo Adds Four IdeaPad Notebooks

Lenovo has added four new consumer notebooks to its IdeaPad line.

The IdeaPad U330 is the follow-up to the company’s U110, which was introduced in the spring. The latest model will be available in either indigo blue or black. It is 0.9 inches thick at its thinnest point and it weighs slightly more than 4 pounds.

The notebook comes equipped with the company’s VeriFace facial-recognition technology for security and has been designed with Dolby Home Theatre sound and touch-sensitive multimedia controls. It also comes equipped with HDMI and has an optional built-in DVD burner.

The U330 has “switchable” graphics that allow the user to run energy efficient integrated graphics while on battery power and switch to high-definition graphics when plugged in. It has an LED back-lit display, offers five hours of battery life, and comes with the company’s Active Protection System designed to protect hard drive data in the event of a fall. The system is also protected by Lenovo’s One-Key Rescue System for crash recovery.

The company is also adding three models to its Y series.

The Y430 will be available in black or red. It features a 14.1-inch WXGA display, Intel integrated graphics, an Intel GM45 processor and 250GB or 350GB hard drives depending on the configuration. The device will also feature an 802.11n wireless card, an optical drive, a fixed camera, a six-in-one card reader and HDMI compatibility.

The new Y530 will be available in black and will feature a 15.4-inch WXGA anti-glare display. It will have a 250GB hard drive and will come equipped with an Intel 5100 a/g/n/ wireless card, optical drive, fixed camera, array microphone, Bluetooth, Ethernet, six-cell battery and a 90-watt adapter. It will also come with Vista Home Premium 32 Service Pack 1.

Both the Y430 and the Y530 will have the potential to accommodate a Blu-ray player and will be offered with either framed or frameless screens.

Finally, the IdeaPadY730 will be positioned as an enhancement to the Idea-PadY710 multimedia notebook. Most models will come in indigo blue; however, certain models will feature a Game Zone function and will be offered in Valencia orange. The models will all feature frameless screens, touch-sensitive multimedia controls, Dolby Home Theater, the company’s One-Key Rescue System and VeriFace facial recognition, support for HDMI and optional Blu-ray DVD players. Models will feature up to two 320GB hot-swappable hard drives.

The new models, to be available in the fall, will be priced according to the configurations chosen by each retailer.