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Lehmann To Leave JVC Kenwood

Long Beach – Keith Lehmann, who oversees the Kenwood and JVC car audio brands, is leaving JVC Kenwood and will not represent the company at International CES, company sources confirmed.

Kenwood sales VP David Hoag will take over Lehmann’s position as Kenwood executive VP of consumer electronics on an interim basis. It wasn’t known who will take over Lehmann’s responsibilities as senior VP of JVC Mobile Entertainment.

The long-time Kenwood veteran took on responsibility for JVC Mobile’s sales, marketing and business strategy in May 2013 while maintaining his Kenwood responsibilities. He assumed the title of senior VP of JVC Mobile, and his Kenwood title changed from senior VP to executive VP of consumer electronics.

When he took on JVC responsibilities, he told TWICE that his plans included greater differentiation between the Kenwood and JVC car electronics lines and a refocusing of the JVC marketing department on supporting sell-in and sell-through.

Lehmann has been with Kenwood for about 10 years.

JVC and Kenwood merged in 2008 to form JVC Kenwood Holdings, and in 2011, the two companies’ U.S. car audio groups began to share office space in the same Long Beach building.