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LCD Panel Shipments Hit Record High

Santa Clara,
Calif. – Shipments to manufacturers of large-area (9.1 inches and larger) TFT
LCDs hit a record high in the second quarter, with 170 million units moving
through the supply chain, according to research by DisplaySearch.

The 170 million
mark, 9 percent higher than last quarter and up 31 percent year over year,
produced revenues of $22.9 billion, the second-highest quarter on record.

According to
DisplaySearch’s latest Quarterly Large Area TFT LCD Shipment and Forecast
Report, panel makers are aiming to continue shipment growth in the second half
of the year despite the recent drop in panel prices and supply-chain inventory

  “The TFT LCD industry reached new heights in
Q2 2010, with shipments reaching new heights and suppliers producing at full
capacity thanks to strong purchasing and inventory preparation by downstream
customers,” noted David Hsieh, VP, greater China market, DisplaySearch.
“Despite this, over-optimism throughout the supply chain in Q2 is causing
adjustments in Q3 as panel prices have fallen amid cuts in panel orders and unclear
demand forecasts.”

  DisplaySearch said 9.7-inch iPad panel
shipments were 2.8 million in Q2, and continue to be in tight supply.

Growth in LCD
monitor panel shipments, which started to slide in June, was the smallest among
the three major TFT LCD applications.

Shipment of panels
for notebook PCs, including mini notebook and tablet PCs, was the strongest,
with 15 percent growth quarter over quarter. Meanwhile, panels for LCD TVs,
including 26-inch and smaller LCD monitor panels used for TVs, reached 55
million units, also a record.