LCD Monitor Production Jumping

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Santa Clara, Calif. - An increasingly quick-paced corporate PC refresh cycle is helping boost LCD monitor production to all-time highs.

According to DisplaySearch's Monthly Desktop LCD Monitor Brand Report, 12.7 million monitors were produced worldwide in May, and this is expected to hit 14.8 million in August. If this figure holds true, worldwide production for January through August 2010 will be 19 percent higher than during the same period in 2009.

DisplaySearch pegs the LCD monitor market at about $25 billion worldwide.

"Current production plans indicate that, in spite of the push towards mobile computing, there is demand for larger size, external displays for all types of computing applications, leading to the conclusion that desktop computing is far from dead," said Chris Connery, DisplaySearch's personal computer displays VP.

Top 12 Monitor Brand Production (Source: DisplaySearch)


Top 9 Monitor OEM Production (Source: DisplaySearch)



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